NFL Underdogs – 16-1 ATS In Their Last 16 Games

Betting on the NFL is a blast, but it can be frustrating if you don’t hit your favorite team, the one you have money on. Losing a bet can be hard to take especially if that bet was on a sure thing. NFL underdogs, or in some cases favored teams, have a lot of reasons to bet on them. Even if they don’t win, most people will at least break even. NFL cards are the easiest way to cash in on the NFL since less money are involved. Just by adding a couple of bets to your card, you could turn a good day into a great one.

Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins: The Skins were 8-5 last year but five of their wins were by a total of eight points. They also had their worst rushing game ever, gaining just 151 total yards. estimates vary but it is safe to say Skins fans are probably not happy. Things will be a lot easier in Washington this season. FedEx Field is a lot closer to the vest than Sports Authority Field, which will be a lot easier for the Washington offense to handle. according to the sportsbook, the Skins are the second best rushing team in the NFL. opposing offenses will have a lot of pressure on QB Mark Brunell as he likes to throw it down. Dom Capers is still a backup QB but he is a capable one. WR Rian Lindell is one of the best in the league. All-Pro OT Jason Peters is one of the main reasons the Skins are so high on the list.

New York Giants

New York Giants: Establishing the run will be vital for the Giants, who are one of the weakest rushing teams in the NFL. listed starters are destiny mediocrity RB Tiki Barber and former Star RB Brandon Jacobs. Apart from that, NY Giants has only stud backs in Jason Reese and Fred Marion. Their offense revolves around Plaxico Burress. Giants are solid at CBs Beanu Howre and Victor marker. They are also solid at RB with the likes of Fred Marion, Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, andVar Sneak. Whatever they do, Victor is not on the same level as Tiki or Fred Marion.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles: How can you not be impressed with the Eagles? They won last year after losing games in almost a quarter and half, mostly to poor teams. If you’re a fan of the passing game, you will be pleased to see that Jeff Garcia is a good QB. He will benefit from the presence of WR Brian O’Neal. This offense will probably be the most potent in the League. The defense is not going to fool any defenses. I expect the Eagles to be very solid on the offensive side of the football, but not enough to overtake the Jets or the Patriots in the East. If the Eagles have wheels, it would be the NFL’s best. The problem is that they are still pretty young. Eagles could be a good play against the spread Sunday, but the bar has already been raised in my mind.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs are a interesting team as they are good on both sides of the ball and somewhat weak on offense. Both QBs, Chris Simms and Tim Kelly, are inconsistent. They are also a weak run defense. Good luck making money on the Bucs this year.
  • Chicago Bears: Good luck making money on the Bears. Bad QB, bad defense, and nothing else. Searching for answers. Chicago is a good team. They are deep at RB, but have to worry about a short-term absence of TO Tonyicates Williams. Any offense that can’t stop the run is hard to run against. Sometimes you can confuse run stuffers with pass catching wideouts. Throw the run killer out there, and run it again. Running the football may not be in vogue now, but it will be in the near future. Tough to find, but could be a good spot for a play against a mismatch.
  • New York Giants: bye week for theirs. Not that New York will be a good team, but keep an eye on them. New York’s backcourt is a disaster, but their offense is fairly decent. Thought they would be banged up more, but that isn’t the case. ripe for a big week in the Meadowlands.
  • New York Jets: When have the Jets been good? Three weeks, three weeks, and now they are back. What will happen in their Thursday night game? They should score a touchdown and cover the spread, but that is the only scenario I can see.